Our Production Means

ARTHUR BENE Décolletage disposes of a modern and performing machine park composed of 80 multi-spindle, single spindle, NC machines, manufacturing centers, transfer lines and grinding machines.

Every manufacturing unit is equipped o produce parts from ø 2,5 mm up to ø 66 mm in bars and up to 200 mm as parts.

From small sized up to large sized productions, we can work with every standard and specific material such as steels, stainless stééles, brass, copper, and many more...

In order to respond to our Customers demand, we also offer Global Solutions including production of screw machined parts, assembly of sub-groups and control of finished parts.

Robot Assemblage
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Machine park Arthur Bene Machines
ISO 16949 certification Arthur Bene Certification
ISO 9000 certification Arthur Bene Certification


Our Know-How :

  • ø 2,5 mm to ø 66 mm
  • lengths < 720 mm
  • steels, coppers, ...